About Us


Andrea Vona, Executive Director

Jill Wittman, Administrative Assistant

Land Stewardship
Danielle LeFer, Conservation Director
Cris Sarabia, Stewardship Manager
Adrienne Mohan, Stewardship Associate
Ann Dalkey, Stewardship Associate in Research
Damian Morando, Field Operations Technician
Hugo Morales, Stewardship Technician Lead
Humberto Calderon, Stewardship Technician
Neli Gonzalez, Lead Nursery Technician

Education & Science
Siegrun Storer, Education Director
Holly Gray, Education Program Manager
Loretta K. Rose, Naturalist and Manager of the George F Canyon Nature Center
Johnny Perez, Naturalist
Neil Uelman, Naturalist

Development & Communication
Susan Wilcox, Director of Development
Louise Olfarnes, Manager of Marketing Communications
Laura Lohnes, Development Associate

Volunteer Programs
Brittany Goldsmith, Volunteer Program Manager

PDFStaff Profiles [PDF: 314KB]