Filiorum Reserve

Wildlife and native habitat corridor for sensitive species

Filiorum Reserve flowersThe 191-acre property acquired December 31, 2009, capped a 21-year effort to preserve 900 contiguous acres of protected open space and create a wildlife corridor by linking the Three Sisters and Portuguese Bend Reserves. The Conservancy and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes brought together $6.5 million in resources from State Coastal Conservancy and more than 700 local donors to complete the acquisition of this essential piece of land.

Click for Google MapAccess Reserve from McBride Trail located at the end of Ocean Terrace Drive, south of Highridge Road.

Parking is available on city and residential streets.

Downloadable PDFs:

pdfPreserve Rules [PDF:483KB]

pdfFiliorum Reserve [PDF:691KB]

pdfPalos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy Map (Natural Open Space Preserves on the Palos Verdes Peninsula) [PDF:4.5MB]