New Activities Make George F Canyon the Family Place

Summer has come to an end, but autumn family fun is just getting started. George F Canyon Nature Center and Preserve is the place to be for parents or grandparents of preschoolers and elementary school children, with new programs for kids and their families to enjoy.

The first Saturday of each month offers a guided Family Nature Walk. Our Naturalist will lead your family along the cool woodland trail, while your kids keep their eyes open to try and spot one of Palos Verdes’ native gray foxes, a desert cottontail rabbit or a western fence lizard. Learn about the native species living along the streamside trail and sample fruit of the lemonade berry, Catalina cherry, or elderberry growing wild. Give your children a first-hand experience that illustrates the importance of protecting beautiful open spaces in an urban area.

The second Saturday of each month is the time to encourage your child’s curiosity in the natural world around them through Family Science and Storytime. Each session, our naturalists will teach your child through fun and enriching activities about one native animal species that lives in the canyon. In October, we’ll focus on great horned owls, with a chance to examine a specimen up-close. In November, we will feature the raccoon and in December the Peninsula’s amazing crow and raven species.

The third Saturday of each month can now be a special time to involve your kids with hands-on conservation and land stewardship activities during Family Volunteer Day. Our naturalists will lead your children in a volunteer project planting seeds, watering saplings, counting butterflies and participating in other hands-on activities. They will also teach kids how to protect and respect nature.

The fourth Saturday of each month offers parents and children the opportunity to learn, handle and purchase native plants grown from seeds harvested right here on the Peninsula from the Conservancy’s native plant nursery. Our naturalists will provide you with information and literature about caring for your selected native plants. Growing them in your yard will help increase the number of healthy local plants to attract butterflies, hummingbirds and other pollinators. Select a blue butterfly host plant like flowering rattle pod or deerweed, or another of our drought tolerant, low maintenance plants and watch the birds and butterflies arrive!

Summer might be over, but the fun has just begun!

New Activities Make George F Canyon the Family Place

Family Volunteer Day at George F Canyon