Press about PVPLC

 Los Angeles Times

pdf'Africa' opens 'Nature' series (April 15, 2016) [PDF: 103KB]

pdfDevelopers seek end to federal protections for California gnatcatcher (June 2014) [PDF: 217KB]

pdfCelebrating Earth Day Palos Verdes Land Conservancy Planning an Earth-Friendly Event with Something for Everyone (April 11, 2014) [PDF: 241KB]

pdfSaving the Land Explore Nature at Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy (March 7, 2014) [PDF: 4.72 MB]

pdfCraig Cooning Has Put Boeing's Satellite Business In Higher Orbit (October 23, 2011) [PDF: 165KB]

pdfLos Angeles Home & Garden (September 19, 2011) [PDF: 215KB]

pdfGood Use for Graze Anatomy (March 7, 2011) [PDF: 922KB]

 The Daily Breeze

pdfPeninsula's hidden gems well worth discovering (October 14,, 2018) [PDF: 523KB]

pdfThe challenging life of bees (August 26, 2018) [PDF: 360KB]

pdfConservancy film fest grows (January 9, 2017) [PDF: 258KB]

pdfNight hikes offer a cool way to see Southland (July 3, 2016) [PDF: 448KB]

pdfBenefit helps Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy protect open spaces (October 25, 2015) [PDF: 62KB]

pdf11-year-old spots rare tarantula in Rancho Palos Verdes (August 20, 2015) [PDF: 65KB]

pdfCities prepare for next wildfire (August 20, 2015) [PDF: 273KB]

pdfCritics of parking plan are crying foul (June 25, 2015) [PDF: 288KB]

pdfFilm series begins with grandeur of Yosemite (April 5-6, 2014) [PDF: 220KB]

pdfPalos Verdes Land Conservancy Earth Day Birthday (April 21, 2013) [PDF: 261KB]

pdfNew Land Conservancy director named (April 19, 2013) [PDF: 198KB]

pdfL.A. wildflower hikes are at Mother Nature's mercy: Interactive (March, 21, 2013) [PDF: 357KB]

pdfTogether Green [PDF: 1.69 MB]

pdfNature Preserve Takes Hit (November 13, 2011) [PDF: 1.69 MB]

pdfRancho Palos Verdes, Conservancy set to finalize contract for preserve (October 31, 2011) [PDF: 768KB]

pdfPeninsula Home Tour (September 23, 2011) [PDF: 291KB]

pdfLand Conservancy to Mark Milestone (May 25, 2011) [PDF: 247KB]

pdfWhite Point Nature Center opens today (May 20, 2010) [PDF: 247KB]

pdfRPV gets Coastal Trail grant (October 25, 2010) [PDF: 73KB]

pdfThe last piece of the Peninsula puzzle (January 3, 2010) [PDF: 70KB]

pdfPalos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy is adding its missing link (October 2, 2009) [PDF: 182KB]

 Palos Verdes Peninsula News

pdfEndangered El Segundo Blue Butterfly is making a comeback across LA County (July 18, 2019) [PDF: 469KB]

pdfPV Peninsula Land Conservancy Earth Day celebrations (April 11, 2019) [PDF: 442KB]

pdfConservancy planning colorful events in April (April 12, 2018) [PDF: 69KB]

pdfTeens recognized for science skills (April 14, 2016) [PDF: 181KB]

pdfJoin AmeriCorps volunteers Saturday (February 25, 2016) [PDF: 251KB]

pdfVeterinarian named board president (February 11, 2016) [PDF: 258KB]

pdfZoo animals munch on tree branches from Peninsula (January 28, 2016) [PDF: 222KB]

pdfGirl Scouts create native garden at PVIS (December 2, 2015) [PDF: 105KB]

pdfBoeing employees assist beautifying preserve (July 30, 2015) [PDF: 172KB]

pdfTrail watchers see challenges (July 23, 2015) [PDF: 444KB]

pdfPVPLC presents Art Inspired by Nature Film Series July 19 (July 09, 2015) [PDF: 233KB]

pdfInterest in native plants surges as drought concern heightens (September 4, 2014) [PDF: 424KB]

pdfConservancy’s first film series shares the wonders of nature (April 3, 2014) [PDF: 1.96MB]

pdfPVPLC partners with high school to promote conservation efforts (February 20, 2014) [PDF: 80KB]

pdfAmeriCorps volunteers restore native habitat at local preserves (December 5, 2013) [PDF: 1.02MB]

pdfRPV anniversary gala a success (May 16, 2013) [PDF: 377KB]

pdfEarth Day Celebrations (April 18, 2013) [PDF: 460KB]

pdf25 years of preservation (April 18, 2013) [PDF: 1MB]

pdfLocal Author Introduces readers to 'Green' Mystery (May 31, 2012) [PDF: 1.01MB]

pdfWhite Point Nature Preserve still functioning after slide (May 17, 2012) [PDF: 736KB]

pdfRPV trails plan needs more 'consideration' (May 17, 2012) [PDF: 1.67MB]

pdfDedication Ceremony At Del Cerro Park (March 1, 2012) [PDF: 660 KB]

pdfPV Peninsula Chamber of Commerce Hosts 2011 Salute To Business Awards (February 9, 2012) [PDF: 1.01 MB]

pdfMartin Luther King Day (January 19, 2012) [PDF: 1.78 MB]

pdfFire Burns 15 Acres Of Canyon (January 12, 2012) [PDF: 1.12 MB]

pdfBig Gains In Voluntary Land Conservation Despite Recession (December 22, 2011) [PDF: 396 KB]

pdfPVPLC, City Agreement Signed (November 3, 2011) [PDF: 894 KB]

pdfCitizens of the Year: DeRoys Are Honored At Trump National (October 27, 2011) [PDF: 1.08MB]

pdfPVP Chamber and Rotary Club Honor Loren and Craig Deroy (October 27, 2011) [PDF: 683KB]

pdfHome Tour (October 13, 2011) [PDF: 905KB]

pdfSculpture dedicated to local pair (September 8, 2011) [PDF: 610KB]

pdfLegacy Circle Members Honored (May 26, 2011) [PDF: 358KB]

pdfStudents to get Hands-on Lessons at Nature Center (May 19, 2011) [PDF: 358KB]

pdfWine Festival Raises PVPLC Funds (May 19, 2011) [PDF: 1.76MB]

pdfPVPLC nature center represents start of ‘new era’ (May 26, 2010) [PDF: 156KB]

pdfMarymount, PVPLC Share Service Day (March 10, 2011) [PDF: 247KB]

pdfRancho Palos Verdes. Got Your Goats (March 4, 2011) [PDF: 1.71MB]

pdfWhite Point Nature Center opens today (May 20, 2010) [PDF: 247KB]

pdfRPV gets Coastal Trail grant (October 25, 2010) [PDF: 73KB]

pdfThe last piece of the Peninsula puzzle (January 3, 2010) [PDF: 70KB]

pdfPalos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy is adding its missing link (October 2, 2009) [PDF: 182KB]

 Other Press

pdfThe Beach Reporter, 'Wild and Scenic' films screen in Hermosa Beach on Sunday (February 2017) [PDF: 183KB]

pdfPeninsula People, Peninsula Fire Easters (June 2016) [PDF: 1.94 MB]

pdfWestways, Out & About [Nature Nuts] Be a Biologist (November/December 2015) [PDF: 269KB]

pdfSouth Bay Magazine, Mother Nature, Meet a South Bay veterinarian who moonlights as protector of the wildlife in her own backyard (September/October 2015) [PDF: 981KB], Rancho Palos Verdes: Nature Preserves and Natural History (Airing June 15 - July 3, 2015)[PDF: 399KB]

pdfLand Trust Alliance, Community Conservation: Strengthening Communities through Land Conservation, Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy Connecting Young People with the Land (June 15. 2015) [PDF: 424KB]

pdfSouth Bay Magazine, Where We Live, Wild at Heart (May/June 2015) [PDF: 1.41MB]

pdfSouth Bay Magazine, South Bay Teens: 10 to Watch, Call of Nature (April 2014) [PDF: 185KB], Nature's Odd Couple: Gray Whales and El Segundo Blue Butterlies (March 26, 2014)[PDF: 246KB], The Past is the Future at San Pedro's White Point Nature Preserve (January 30, 2014)[PDF: 279KB]

pdfPV/South Bay Audubon Society, Hummin' Dec 2013/2014 "Just In! Five-Year Survey Results at Three Sisters Reserve" [PDF: 222KB]

pdfPV/South Bay Audubon Society, Hummin' (December 2013/January 2014), "5-Year Survey Results at 3 Sisters Reserve" by Ann Dalkey, Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy [PDF: 1 MB]

pdfPalos Verdes Patch, PVPLC Seeks Trail Patrol Volunteers (February 20, 2013) [PDF: 222KB]

pdfSan Pedro landslide: Paseo Del Mar rebuild could cost $50M (June 19, 2012) [PDF: 98KB]

pdfUrban Coast, Filiorum: A Dream Fulfilled (March 2012) [PDF: 460KB] Link to Urban Coast

pdfPalos Verdes Patch, Give Back Day on February 15th at Whole Foods (February 15, 2012) [PDF: 58KB]

pdfPeninsula People, Whole Foods (January 2012) [PDF: 1.94 MB]

pdfSan Pedro Today, The Collapse (January 2012) [PDF: 2.93MB]

pdfHummin' (October/November 2011) [PDF: 1.35MB]

pdfPeninsula People, White Point Home Tour (October 2011) [PDF: 1.12MB]

pdfEasy Reader News, Portuguese Bend Artist Colony and Land Conservancy Hold Reception (December 17, 2010) [PDF: 158KB]