April 30 – May 3

Why Participate?  Knowing what species are in our city and where they are helps us study and protect them, but the ONLY way to do that is by all of us – scientists, land managers, and the community – working together to find and document the nature in our area. By participating in the City Nature Challenge, not only do you learn more about your local nature, but you can also make your city a better place – for you and other species!

What is the City Nature Challenge?  The City Nature Challenge is an international effort for people to find and document plants and wildlife in cities across the globe.  It is a bioblitz-style event designed to connect people and communities with nature. In these challenging times, being outdoors and connecting with nature is a safe and responsible way to cope with stress, while maintaining the health of ourselves and our communities. The event allows us to come together, unite, and collaborate with citizen and community scientists around the world, participating in whatever ways they can, to document the biodiversity of our planet.

Participating is Easy

  • Create your own account.  Visit
  • Download the app from the AppStore or Google Play
  • Sign In
  • Start sharing your observations
  • Get feedback from actual scientists, experts, and other naturalists

Where do I participate?