Palos Verdes Nature Preserve

Beautiful green refuge of 1400 acres spanning 10 reserves

Preserve Stories:
A 16-Year Effort Bears Fruit

"A group of families on the Peninsula had a dream to save open space for their children to enjoy," said Conservancy founder Bill Ailor. And in 2009, the Del Cerro Recognition Site was dedicated, acknowledging the multi-year effort led by the Conservancy and the City of Rancho Palos Verdes, along with the volunteer and financial support of thousands of volunteers and contributors, the State of California, County of Los Angeles, the City of Rolling Hills, the State Coastal Conservancy, and the Wildlife Conservation Board. The preservation of the Portuguese Bend led to the creation of the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve, which includes 1,400 acres of open space, and assures a protected home for rare and threatened wildlife such as the California gnatcatcher and cactus wren.

The Preserve had been part of the Conservancy's vision since our founding. We worked with our partners for 16 years, successfully negotiating and planning with the government agencies to provide more than 75 percent of the required funding and encouraged the community to provide the remaining private donations necessary to fulfill this dream.

As the Preserve's Fulfill the Dream community campaign co-chair, Jim Scharffenberger said, "We came together to successfully resist the ever-increasing pressures to develop privately held open space in the Portuguese Bend for all to enjoy: ourselves, our children, and many generations to come."

Palos Verdes Nature Preserve hawks

Palos Verdes Nature Preserve horsesThe Palos Verdes Nature Preserve (PVNP) area spans some 1,400 acres with over 30 miles of trails through rolling hills, steep canyons and rock outcrops, with significant habitat and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and Catalina Island. Elevations range from approximately sea level along the coastal edges of Vicente Bluffs, Abalone Cove, and Ocean Trails to approximately 1,300 feet above mean sea level at the northern most parcel, Vista del Norte.

The PVNP is made up of the following Reserves:

The Preserve is owned by the City of Rancho Palos Verdes and we hold and are obtaining conservation easements over the properties. We managed the Preserve according to guidelines outlined in the Natural Communities Conservation Planning (NCCP) program of the Department of Fish and Game. The NCCP program is a cooperative effort by the State of California and numerous private and public partners that takes a broad-based ecosystem approach to planning for the protection and perpetuation of biological diversity. The NCCP identifies and provides for the regional protection of plants, animals, and their habitats, while allowing compatible and appropriate economic activity.

Infringements of Preserve rules or regulations should be reported to RPV City Park Rangers at (310) 491-5775. Crimes should be reported to the Lomita Sheriff at (310) 539-1661. Read more

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