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Work in Progress: Abalone Cove Restoration

Date: December 30, 2018

You may notice interesting activity at Abalone Cove Reserve. The Conservancy is engaged in a three-year habitat restoration project that involves planting 13 acres of coastal sage scrub habitat which will support an array of species, including the federally-endangered California gnatcatcher and El Segundo blue butterfly. Activities will include preparing and planting native plants, repairing trails and installing interpretive signage.  Removal of invasive plant species began in February and will be followed by irrigation installation.  Native coastal sage scrub, mulefat scrub and cactus scrub plant communities will support threatened California gnatcatchers and Coastal cactus wrens. Expansion of butterfly host plants rattlepod and sea-cliff buckwheat will support the federally-endangered El Segundo blue butterfly and Palos Verdes blue butterfly. Join us at an upcoming Outdoor Volunteer Day at Abalone Cove Reserve to help us restore habitat. Upcoming dates include March 14, 28, April 18, May 2 and 30. Grants received to date to support this project total over $480,000.