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Scout Program

Scout Guided Hike and Badge Program Reservation

New! Guided Scout Hikes
Enjoy a 1-hour nature hike guided by our knowledgeable staff and docent team at George F Canyon or White Point Nature Preserve. The cost is $7 per scout and the maximum group size is 15. For more information email

Our Scout Badge opportunities are available again!  The 1.5-2 hour program includes a Naturalist guided hike, access to the nature center and all the activities required to earn the badge. $15 per Scout.  For more information email




Girl Scout Badge Opportunities

DAISY: Eco Learner (K-1st grades) Nature gives us many gifts—learn some ways to give back by protecting nature. When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll have learned three ways to protect the environment when you go outdoors. White Point Nature Center 

BROWNIES: Hiker (2nd-3rd grades) Find out what you need to know to become a Brownie hiker. When you’ve earned this badge, you’ll know how to hit the trail for a hike. George F Canyon Nature Center

JUNIORS: Animal Habitats (4th-5th grades) Find out more about where animals live, how they play, and how humans can help them. When you’ve earned this badge, you will know more about wild animals and how to protect their homes. George F Canyon Nature Center 

Contact: Zoe Allen, Lead Educator

Cub Scout Badge Opportunities

TIGER CUB: Tigers in the Wild (1st grade) Tigers will learn how to put the “outing” in Scouting with this outdoor adventure. They will start to develop an understanding of the Outdoor Ethics program as they are introduced to many skills that will be important throughout their Scouting careers. George F Canyon Nature Center 

WOLF CUBS: Paws on the Path (2nd grade) This adventure will encourage the development of hiking skills in Scouts. White Point Nature Center 

BEAR CUBS: Fur, Feathers, and Ferns (3rd grade) In this adventure, Bears will explore the outdoor world of mammals, birds, plants, and more! They will understand that every living thing has a home—often very close by. Scouts will also discover that almost every living thing’s neighborhood is a home to at least one type of another living thing. Protecting those homes, called habitats, is up to everyone, and Bears can help! George F Canyon Nature Center

WEBELOS: Into the Woods (4th-6th grades) in this adventure, Scouts will learn to identify plants and trees and how they differ in locations around the world. They will gain knowledge about ecosystems and the importance of conserving our natural resources. George F Canyon Nature Center 

Contact: Zoe Allen, Lead Educator

Eagle, Gold and Silver Award Project Opportunities

Projects for earning Eagle, Gold or Silver Awards

The Conservancy is grateful for the contributions made to our work by Scouts earning their Eagle, Silver, and Gold Awards. Proposals for projects must be submitted to the Conservancy at least 120 days in advance. If the Conservancy is able to accommodate a Scout’s proposal, we will meet with the Scout to establish the project details, timeline, and completion date. We accommodate proposals so far as our staff time, our calendar of events, and the Conservancy’s goals will allow, so not all will be accepted.

Contact: Volunteer & Stewardship Coordinator, Susan Miles