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Plants grown in our Native Plant Nursery are available online for purchase with contact-free pick-up.  Orders placed by 2 pm on Tuesday will be available for pickup between Friday at 9:30am and Saturday at 2pm at the Conservancy Office

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California Bush Sunflower (Encelia californica)

California bush sunflower is an evergreen perennial sunflower shrub that typically flower from February to August and lives in coastal areas. It is great for a large-scale ground cover with 2-inch daisy flower. Very drought tolerant, it is great for a creating a butterfly garden.

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California sagebrush (Artemisia californica)

Flowering in the fall, this native plant grows well in sand, clay and loose soils. Full sun and light shade are recommended. This native plant provides favored nesting sites for rare California gnatcatchers.

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Deerweed (Lotus scoparius)

From spring through summer this plant is covered in small yellow flowers that turn red after being pollinated. Deerweed is a pioneer species in nature and helps to fertilize the soil naturally. You can use it to help establish a plant community in your garden. Deerweed is very drought tolerant and is one of only two host plants of the Palos Verdes blue butterfly.

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Rattlepod (Astragalus)

Rattlepod, also known as milkvetch or locoweed, flowers between February and May in fields and open areas on the Peninsula. It is one of only two host plants of the endangered Palos Verdes blue butterfly found only on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. The flowers and plant are a pretty contrast with other native plants making for a nice addition to a garden.

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Seacliff Buckwheat

Seacliff Buckwheat (Eriogonum parvifolium)

Dune buckwheat is a rare annual shrub. Found on hillsides, dunes and sea bluffs, it is partial to full sun exposure and dry conditions favor its growth. Flowers serve as a mating, nesting, and nectar food source for the endangered El Segundo blue butterflies. It flowers from June to fall.

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White Yarrow

White Yarrow (Achillea millefolium)

Yarrow flowers May through June. It is popular with pollinators and practically care-free, making it perfect for borders, ground covers, and open meadows. Yarrow is pest-resistant, drought-resistant, attracts butterflies, and is excellent for cutting and drying. The plant is also an aromatic herb with many healing properties.

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