Board & Staff

Board of Directors & Staff

Board Of Director

2019 Board Members (L to R):  Carolynn Petru, Amy Morris, Rob Kautz, Randy Harwood, Dave Pilon, Cassie Jones, Bill Glantz,
Allen Franz, Rick Wallace, Bill Ailor, Executive Director Adrienne Mohan and Diana Bailey.  Missing Bob Ford and David Snow


2020 Board


Carolynn Petru, President
Rob Kautz, Executive Vice President
Diana Bailey, Secretary
Rick Wallace, Treasurer
Bill Ailor
Lew Enstedt
Bob Ford
Allen Franz
Amy Friend
William Glantz
Randy Harwood
Dave Pilon
David Snow




Adrienne Mohan, Executive Director

Jill Wittman, Administrative Assistant

Land Stewardship
Cris Sarabia, Conservation Director
Johnny Perez, Stewardship Manager
Austin Parker, Stewardship Associate
Hugo Morales, Stewardship Technician Lead
Humberto Calderon, Stewardship Technician
Michael Heine, Stewardship Technician
David Olsen, Stewardship Technician
Neli Gonzalez, Lead Nursery Technician
Eric Wolterding, Field Operations Specialist

Education & Science
Holly Gray, Education Program Manager
Alex Kovary, Nature Center Manager

Development & Communication
Susan Wilcox, Director of Development
Louise Olfarnes, Manager of Marketing Communications
Laura Lohnes, Development Associate

Volunteer Programs
Brittany Goldsmith, Volunteer Program Manager
Megan Wolff, Volunteer Coordinator