Volunteer Spotlight: Evi Meyer

Date: February 20, 2016

Surrounded by restored beautiful, biodiverse and threatened coastal sage scrub habitat, the Conservancy works hard to protect the land and the wildlife on the Preserves. The Conservancy’s volunteer citizen scientists are valuable members of the community who, after training, contribute their time to help monitor our wildlife and plant species and report on their findings. Our Cactus Wren Citizen Science Program monitors rare, at-risk local bird species, their nests and their annual success in rearing young. Citizen Science volunteer for cactus wren monitoring Evi Meyer wrote our new publication entitled “A Bravo For Charlie: A Snapshot into the Lives of Two Cactus Wrens on the Palos Verdes Peninsula.” Through her volunteer work, Evi has done much to help protect wildlife on the Peninsula and provide environmental education opportunities to the community. “When you participate in a Citizen Science program you always learn so much and come out richer than you were before. It is a wonderful window that opens up into the world of science every time you participate,” said Evi. “The program is full of great camaraderie and teamwork. It brings important issues out into the community and educates the general public. We as ‘non-scientists’ have the opportunity to contribute positively to science projects. Knowing I can contribute to a good cause matters. Conservation is something I strongly believe in and the Conservancy got it right! I love this organization!” she added. Learn more about our volunteer opportunities by emailing Volunteer Program Manager Brittany Goldsmith at bgoldsmith@pvplc.org.

A Bravo for Charlie: A Snapshot into the Lives of Two Cactus Wrens

A new Conservancy publication, the story of two rare Palos Verdes Peninsula cactus wrens comes to life through the amazing photographic lens of Citizen Science volunteer Evi Meyer in Conservancy-restored habitat. The book is available for $20 per copy at the George F Canyon or White Point nature centers or buy online now (plus $5 for shipping and handling). All proceeds benefit the Conservancy.