New Land Acquisition

Date: May 20, 2016

The Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy has the unique opportunity to purchase a 15-acre parcel of undeveloped land immediately adjacent to the George F Canyon Nature Preserve. In default for back-taxes, the property has a sale price established by L.A. County at 70% of its assessed value. The land’s beautiful native vegetation remains well-preserved because of its canyon location and limited access. It offers unspoiled shelter for rare animals like the grey fox and unique streamside plants. This acquisition aligns with the Conservancy’s mission to preserve land, with the added benefit of no future restoration costs! “This acquisition offers the Conservancy a special opportunity to protect a piece of the Peninsula’s remaining unique habitat. We look forward to conserving such a special place for the benefit of wildlife and the Peninsula’s natural health,” said Conservation Director Adrienne Mohan. The most exciting prospect of the acquisition is that this new land will augment the 36-acre George F Canyon Preserve by nearly 28%. Becky Cool believes ”This is another fabulous opportunity to acquire beautiful open space at a bargain price. I’ve committed 10% of the cost and I know others will want to join in to do the same and more.” For more information email Development Director Susan Wilcox at